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Romance is in the Air.....

Beautiful Bermuda

The East coast winters are miserable: slush, salt and winter dreariness that lingers.Wheel chairing is a real drag. So, what to do? Fly away !! to were? Why not Beautiful Bermuda. As you fly in over see the blue ocean and see white/pink beaches you know youíve made the right choice. Arriving at the renovated airport is quick and efficient. Wheelchair accessible transportation is available from the airport to your hotel, as well as for touring the island. But before you even get into your taxi, stop and smell the warm salt air touched with the fragrance of the blossoms that engulf you.

Now, letís be perfectly clear. When you leave American shores there is no ADA..therefore you must be very prepared for many areas that are not wheelchair accessible or even disabled friendly. This is a old British Colony. Small streets, older shops and quaint dining rooms. I have learned when I hear the word quaint, referring to dining or accommodations, the chances are that me and my wheelchair canít get in.

Bermuda is Beautiful and has another world charm, only found in Europe. The Bermudians are friendly and polite without going over board there is a reserve about the country probably due to the British Heritage. Oh, yes they do have a wonderful accent.

Now Bermuda has it all, beautiful beaches, lovely hotels, fine shops and great restaurants and well as many tourist areas. But itís good to be prepared for a couple of things before you go. You canít rent a car in can rent Mopeds( small motorcycles).Not too good if you are a wheelchair user but fun for the rest of the family. Now the Taxies are great..lots of room and your Taxi driver will take you anywhere, extremely helpful and acts as your own private tour guide.What I found, is that I asked for the same driver several days in a row and we really enjoyed the insights he provided into the island. As I mentioned before, the streets are a little rough, as are the sidewalks and I seemed to always be going into back doors to get into shops..But if you are aware of that you can adapt.

The Department of tourism has a good handout , which is great in giving you directions on how to get around in your wheelchair.

You are never far from the ocean's edge on the wonderful islands of Bermuda.

Six hundred and fifty miles from the nearest landfall,enveloped by protective coral reefs, with miles of soft pink sandy beaches, Bermuda offers endless opportunities for swimming,serene sun bathing and anything on, in and under the water.

Get in the Swim Summer water temperatures reach 85 degrees. Tiny Devonshire Bay, Jobson's Cove and Shelly Bay are ideal for first-time swimmers and waders. Tobacco Bay is a snorkelers dream. Long stretches of popular beach include Elbow Beach, Warwick Long Bay Beach, and the famous Horseshoe Bay Beach. Accessible beaches (though rough in spots for wheelchairs) 1.Shelley Bay's Beach 2.John Smith's Bay

I really liked Horseshoe Bay but wheelchair accessibility is difficult, yet might be worth the hassle.

The Hamilton Princess is a lovely hotel but, not necessarily what we are use to in the States and Canada but still very charming and accessible. The Hamilton Princess is within a pleasant walk to downtown Hamilton. Beware of the Hamilton streets, though many have cutdowns, most streets are uphill form the Harbour. The Tourism guide indicates which shops are accessible.

The Hamilton Princess is the grand old dame with modern conveniences. Restaurants, shops and grounds are all accessible.The elevators are small but adequate. The Handicap room was like a mini suite, with 2 single beds and lots of room to maneuver the chair.If you need raised toilet seats or transfer boards, just make you request in advance. I found the staff to be excellent. Hamilton Princess to be just great, friendly caring and very accommodating.

Bermuda Tourism has an excellent brochure for Accessibility Make Beautiful Bermuda one of your destination. You'll be carried back to a time that people have time to talk and time to listen. Go to Bermuda and restore yourself with sun, sky and seas....

Bermuda Dept of Tourism 1-800-223-6106 ( US) 1-416-923-9600 ( Canada) Hamilton Princess Hotel 1-800-223-1818 ( US) 1-800-268-7126 ( Canada)

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