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No Parallel like Cozumel:

The island of Cozumel has become a dream destination for nature lovers & divers all around the world.

On the east side you will find the turquoise blue beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Diving in this coral wonderland is just the best.

Cozumel is Mexico's largest inhabited island. Serene and laid-back, Cozumel rivals many Caribbean islands when it comes to visitor facilities, activities, and stunning beauty.

Cozumel's allure rests with its mixture of the best of Mexico with the attraction of vacationing on a Caribbean island.

The jewel shaped island lies 19 kms. off of the Yucatan Coast, and measures 29 miles (47 kilometers) long and 10 miles (15 kilometers) wide. Its jungle like interior and ivory white beaches are surrounded by one of the most spectacular coral reefs in this hemisphere. The island's limestone shore is surrounded by temperate, crystal clear waters. The island is warm year around with an average temperature of 81 F (27 C). Heavy rains start in June and go on through October. There is usually a brief shower every day.

The westward side of the island is calm, and is ideal for swimming, diving or just relaxing in the sun. This part of the island is also the most developed with banks, markets, shops, restaurants and hotels. The eastern side of the island is more secluded, with few people and little activity.

You'll find some 20 live reefs so close to the shore, it makes snorkeling and diving a must. The island also has its share of Mayan ruins hidden in the jungles that can be explored by car, bike or foot.

The Cozumel's surrounding sea is teeming with undersea life, colorful reefs, and the slumbering hulls of Spanish galleons.

For non-divers, the island has something for everyone. Sightseeing includes over 35 archaeological sites (only a few of which are close to being accessible and worth seeing), and the charming town of San Miguel. The town is a collection of cafes, restaurants, and attractive boutiques. Words to the wise stay away from town when the cruise ships are in.

Nature lovers come to Cozumel to see giant see turtles laying their eggs (May to September) and to observe the island's variety of exotic migratory bird life. Visitors are only a 40 minute ferry ride from the incredible Tulum Corridor region of the Yucatan Peninsula, brimming with hidden beaches, secluded resorts and archaeological sites.

Scuba Diving

The majority of the island's annual visitors come for one thing: the area's incomparable scuba diving. With over 30 kilometers of reefs, water visibility to 200 feet, and over 200 species of tropical fish, Cozumel is considered by many the best dive destination in the Western Hemisphere. Water temperatures range from summer highs in the low 80's to winter highs in the low 70's (F.).


Many of Cozumel's best spots are within splashing distance from shore. Equipment rentals are available throughout the island.

Water Sports

Windsurfing, sailing , jetskiing and water-skiing are also popular on the island's western shore. Nearly all resorts have water sports rentals. Playa San Francisco offers the widest range of watersports equipment.


The island's Mayan ruins and beaches can be seen easily in a day. There are also some "must-see" attractions on the main-land across from Cozumel.

Diamond Resort Cozumel

This ultimate, all-inclusive vacation spot is located on a beautiful beach and is a true Place to Enjoy. It has villa-style accommodations and a host of daily activities. Set on popular San Francisco Beach, Diamond Resort is a perfect place to enjoy the charm of Cozumel and the friendliness of the Mayan people.

Accessibility around the grounds is good, good to fair walkways. ( somewhat bumpy) To eat in the main restaurant there is a very steep ramp to the 2nd floor, assistance is necessary if you are not electric. The rooms on somewhat sparse. Good space but need ramping to the door, as all rooms are raised to a balcony or stepped to the 2nd floor( non accessible). Bathrooms are of average size but not totally accessible. If you have some mobility it is fine. The waters are warm and wonderful little fishes to snorkel with. Went out to the Drift rift to snorkel a great experience, Accessible to boat and then assistance onto and out of boast. But worth the inconvenience. Staff was great! Taxi cabs again not accessible but a great treat to ride with them, fast and friendly.

A real must is to go to the Aquatic Park a short taxi ride form the resort.. this could be an all day adventure, picnics available from the resort .. the very best snorkeling. Get there early in the morning as the place becomes very busy. Hard to get in and out of the (rock steps) but with assistance. This is good for the soul.

The Diamond Resort has the following:

Accommodations: 300 rooms, Air-conditioning, Satellite color TV with in room movies Telephone Balcony or patio

Facilities: Nightly entertainment, Three restaurants, bar and grill, Dive shop Two swimming pools, Swim-up bar, Four lighted tennis courts Golf Non-motorized water sports and instruction

Located 20 minutes from San Miguel.

Contacts : Diamond Beach Resort Cozumel: HTTP://citynet/countries/mexico/cozumel

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