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Cuba:The Caribbean Island with heart

The island of Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean islands and only 145 km S of Florida. The name is believed to originate from the Arawakword 'cubanacan', it has traditionally been one of the largest exporters of cane sugar in the world.

About a quarter of Cuba is fairly mountainous. The coastline, with a remarkable number of fine ports and anchorage, is about 3,540 km long. Some 66% of Cubans register themselves as whites: they are mostly the descendants of Spanish colonial settlers and immigrants; 12% are black, now living mostly along the coasts and in certain provinces, 21% are mixed and about 1% are Chinese; the indigenous Indians disappeared long ago although there is evidence of American Indian ancestry in some Cubans. The population is estimated at 11.0 million.

Las Brisas Resort is a cozy facility endowed by nature with the proximity of Guardalavaca beach, and warm friendliest make this a great destination.

Las Brisas Resort is an attractive All-inclusive Beach Resort located 60 km from Holguin Int'l Airport -230 Guest rooms have either 2 single- or 1 queen-size bed are air conditioned with hair dryer, satellite TV, phone & balcony . There are 2 Restaurants, 3 Bars and Disco. Nightly entertainment is provided. You'll enjoy the Free-form Pool with swim-up bar. Water Sports including scuba diving instruction, windsurfing, sailing, and snorkeling - Tennis Court - Aerobics - Tour &Activities Desk - Volleyball - Biking - Horseback Riding (charge) are all available as well as Supervised Children's Program, Gift Shop and Car Rental

Las Brisas Resort while not advertised as disabled friendly or accessible is very easy for the disabled traveler. Good ramping and walkways. While visiting this Christmas there were 4 us from different countries wheeling around the resort. The New Las Brisas Club, recently opened next door to the Las Brisas Resort, has specific handicapped rooms. Make sure you book there. The Club is quite accessible but larger to get around.

The Cuban experience is a must for seasoned travelers as well as new travelers alike. It has many All Inclusives that are priced within reason.

Cuba is real dichotomy. Isolated from the North American way of life there is a real sincere purity of the people. One is shocked of how little over and above the necessity of life the Cuban's have. But Cubans are proud people, friendly, warm and thoughtful .If you know Spanish it is very helpful. The military presence is seen mostly around the airport and very rarely around the resort. You fell extremely secure in this communist country. Though I am a strong advocate of democracy and definitely believe in individual rights, Cuba has a heart that is hard to put a price on. When Cuba is opened to the United States this will change so visit now.

FYI- Though I saw several wheelchairs at the resort I didn't see any in the small town. I am not sure what that means?

Remember Cuba is like all Caribbean countries, Not Accessible as we have come to understand in North America terms, you will have to make do. But the inconvenience is well worth the journey.

Cuba Tourism : 1-537-33-2339

Jane Danielson is a Freelance Travel Writer and Poet and has been published in Canada and United States. She became mobility disabled 13 years ago and uses a cane wheelchair and electric scooter Jane believes that traveling is a prescription for a healthy positive outlook, especially for the disabled but really for everyone. Some of Jane's articles include Camping in a National Park and, Whale Watching on Brier Island, Fun in Florida and Healing Powers of Hawaii. Her travel articles always look at the positiveness of traveling, with a realization of the obstacles that must be overcome to achieve this experience. Email: