Turbo Mouse
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Kensington's Turbo Mouse

Out of the box this was a breeze
The Turbo Mouse by Kensington is neat looking attractive and t packs tons of features. I find it extremely comfortable to use The Mouse Works software that ships with the Turbo Mouse is exceptional. The software allows you to select different “tasks” for each of the four buttons and the two chords (made from the top two and lower two buttons).

One feature I like is the scrolling feature.There are simply too many features of the software than I can mention here, but I must mention the pop up menus. The optionsof the software are amazing.

Overall, the Turbo Mouse is an amazing product.
The hardware isn’t the best part - it’s the software that comes with it.
The shape is ergonomic.

I give this **** http://www.kensington.com/

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