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Healthful Eating Tips For Travelers

Did you know that without charge, most airlines will substitute a fruit or seafood platter, low-fat, low-sodium, or other special diet meal for the regular in-flight menu? When you make your reservations ask for the meal you wish.

Did you know drinking a glass of water or juice per hour of flight will prevent dehydration and minimize jet-lag? Bottle water is the best.

Did you know Alcohol-containing beverages can cause dehydration and may increase jet-lag. Forget the alcohol when you fly, water and juices are the way to go.

Did you know at your request, many restaurants will adjust seasoning and sauces on menu items? Remember you're paying for the meal, get what you want.

Did you know during a long car trip, a stop every hour or two for a brisk walk and drink of water will help prevent constipation, a frequent complaint of long-distance automobile travelers? Always use bottled water.

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