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What Can you do In Jamaica?

What Can you do In Jamaica?

Well, on an island 146 miles long and up to 51 miles wide, with six mountain ranges, 120 rivers and 150 miles of beaches...anything and everything is possible.

Why Not Scuba Diving? Jamaica's waters teem with exotic marine life, fans, sponges, and underwater walls. Island wide you will find quality rental equipment and instruction. Make sure you arrange in advance, for assistance with any special needs

Snorkeling So Easy !! Most hotels have free equipment and many provide free boat trips as well.

Why not Waterfall Climbing.? Yes, Climb 600 feet up through cascading waters. Definitely not wheelchair accessible but wonderful to watch and take pictures, of the family slipping and sliding.

Golfs Anyone? Eleven great courses. If you can't play then transfer into a cart and enjoy the fun!

Hit The Road. For the hardy in your group Biking.. Bicycles and mopeds are for rent at some resort properties and at bike rental companies. Get The Big One! Deep Sea Fishing. Most major hotels offer full- or half-day charters that include boat, captain, crew and equipment. Blue marlin is the prize, but wahoo and tuna are well worth the fight. The crews will be most helpful to get you aboard/Arrange this through your Hotel Tour desk in advance.

For those in your party who are more agile send them off Mountain Climbing and Hiking. Jamaica's Mountains reach above 7,000 feet. They will enjoy quiet country roads leading to misty forests. or Horseback Riding, along the magnificent forest trails

While many are astonished to learn that Jamaica has an Olympic bobsled team, this may be the only activity that Jamaica is not prepared to offer!

Jamaica is the Ultimate Romantic Gateway

Jamaica definitely has places for lovers. Places for luxury. Places for families. Places for privacy. Places for intimacy. Where else will you find a bus called Romance, a dessert called Matrimony, and a town called Paradise?

Where to hang you hat or your bathing suit?

Jamaica’s all-inclusives set the standard for quality. They include couples-only resorts, where the sea and sand are reserved for romance, And family resorts, where kids are VIPs and parents go home renewed.

There are many wonderful places to stay but many of them are Not Accessible. Jamaica was definitely not designed for a wheelchair. An adventure is just going shopping on the rough roads and dipped sidewalks. But it's Jamaica mon! If you know what to expect you can accommodate. Also ADA ( American Disability Act) is not part of Jamaican Law. So, be ready for slightly different standards.

Now, that you know the facts and are prepared for many non-accessible or hardly accessible areas then you are ready for the Jamaican warmth, rhythm and genuine friendliness.. It really is worth it. Let your body and soul renew and rejoice in Jamaica.

The Breezes Resort, Montego Bay certainly captures the ambience of Jamaica. The staff is the best, facilities good, food great, entertainment excellent. Breezes is the newest in the fleet of Super Clubs, all inclusive adults and older children resorts.. Breezes is directly on the beach, though there are steps to the beach. I can personally attest to the fact that if you need assistance, in any manner the staff at Breezes will be there at a drop of a hat! Some areas of Breezes are totally un-accessible like the games room and the guest rooms actually have a step up. But let Breezes know either directly or through your Travel Agents, before you arrive, what your needs are i.e. ramp to your room, raised toilet seat etc. and they certainly will accommodate you.

Though there are some stumbling blocks in both Jamaica and Breezes but don't let that stop you from experiencing this wonderful lush unique part of the world, Jamaica...Jamaicans really care and will make things as accessible as possible. Remember you are traveling for the experiences and for all in your travel enjoy and think like Jamaicans "No problem,mon"

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Jamaica Tourism 1-800-233-4JTB

Air Canada 1-800-361-8253

Breezes Montego Bay 1-800-859-7873

Jane Danielson is a Freelance Travel Writer and Poet and has been published in Canada and United States. She became mobility disabled 13 years ago and uses a cane and wheelchair. Jane believes that traveling is a prescription for a healthy positive outlook, especially for the disabled but really for everyone. Some of Jane’s articles include Camping in a National Park and, Whale Watching on Brier Island, Fun in Florida and Healing Powers of Hawaii. Her travel articles always look at the positiveness of traveling, with a realization of the obstacles that must be overcome to achieve this experience. Her poems reflect the frustrations and needs for courage when one is disabled but with hope for the future.

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