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Mt Washington Resort

How do I explain Mt Washington Resort, One of the Grand old hotels nestled in the Valley of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. It is one of the few places that you really have to go there to understand the ambience, the delight of a Grand hotel, the calmness that fills your mind.

A graciousness of a by-gone era. The Mt Washington is a magnificent structure built in 1906 and still has the charms of the past and yet the modern facilities of today.

The staff allows you to fully experience this unique Resort. There is a kindness and gentleness that surrounds you. Somehow time seems to stand still, there is time to talk and time to listen .Time to curl up on one of the Veranda chairs and read that novel you’ve been wanting too. Time to dine in the dining room with an orchestra playing throughout the meal. Time to listen to one of daily lectures in the conservatory or time to sit back and let the music of the harp flow through you.

The Mt Washington Resort is not without activities though with its championship golf course, 12 clay courts, inside and outside swimming pools. As well as a riding stable on the property, there is a kids video room and several shops. and ‘day camp’ for the younger kids.

The Mt Washington Resort is now open all year round and I think seeing it in the winter would be marvelous. I personally want to get back to visit in Fall Foliage as you would literally be surrounded by mountains of color

Accessibility is good with a few bumps along the way but nothing in compared with the ambience of the Lady of the Resorts.

There are several different packages, it’s best to call ahead to organize what might be best for you. The Mt Washington Resort is 165 miles from Boston, 330 miles from New York and 175 miles from Montreal. At the Mt Washington Resort you will enjoy a graciousness , a warmth, and a charm not usually experienced in our hurried lives.

Information Tel: 1.800.258.0330 or Fax: 603.278.8838 visit their web site for additional information

Jane Danielson is a Freelance Writer for the Disabled and Poet and has been published in extensively in Canada and United States. She became mobility disabled 13 years ago and uses a cane, wheelchair and electric scooter. Jane believes that traveling is a prescription for a healthy optimistic outlook, especially for the disabled but really for everyone. Some of Jane’s articles include Camping in a National Park, Whale Watching on Brier Island, Fun in Florida and the Healing Powers of Hawaii. Her travel articles always look at the positive experience of traveling, with a realization of the obstacles that must be overcome to achieve this experience. Web Page : www. Email:

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