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Toronto... Tibits

There are many attractions in Toronto but something truly unique is the Taste of the World Tours.... This are walking or biking or very much Wheelchair accessible.... These tours find the Nook and crannies of Toronto... really a treat to see Toronto form a different perspective.. you feel the heart beat.. Some of the tours are 1. Old and New Chinatown 2. Rosedale and Yorkville 3.Taste of Kensington Roots 4.Island Bike Tours 5.Taste of TO Bakeries 6. Humber Village

and so much more... taste of Toronto can be reached at Tel: 416.923.6813 Fax:416.925.0554 email: Web Page:

A very important booklet to get is Toronto, Dining and Shopping Guide. You can get this from Tourism Toronto. This is an excellent guide which indicates place s for shopping and eating that are wheelchair accessible.. a real must to get even before you arrive in Toronto.

Terrific Toronto.. so much to see so much to do and so little time. I shall be writing more articles on Toronto and look forward to tell you about PATH.. or how to enjoy Toronto in the winter and stay warm....

Toronto has the very beat of a large city but still shows the kindness and carrying we expect in smaller destination

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