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Contact Information

VIA - 1.800.561.8640 Edmonton Visitors Info - 1.800.463.4667 Jasper Tourism - 1.780.852.3858 Tourism Vancouver - 1.604.683.2000 Hertz Car Rental - 1.800.263.0600

The Train..continued

Services for special needs

Whether you are traveling in a wheelchair or have food allergies or any other special needs, VIA will do everything to meet your requirements and make your trip as pleasant as possible.

Check the availability of the type of service you need when you reserve, and give the reservation agent all the relevant details. A minimum of 48 hours' notice is usually required.

Via requires that passengers be able to tend to their personal needs (eating, medical and personal hygiene) throughout the trip. Otherwise, you must be accompanied by an escort. VIA will carry an escort in economy class at no extra cost.

Seniors, passengers with reduced mobility

VIA's station and on-train personnel provide the special attention required by seniors or passengers with reduced mobility.

Passengers on VIA's transcontinental trains who are unable to use the dining car or snack counters may have their meals served in their compartments by VIA personnel.

Passengers in wheelchairs

Most stations do not have platforms level with rail car doors. Passengers in wheelchairs can be boarded with the use of a wheelchair lift at some stations, or with the help of VIA personnel. On some routes, passengers in wheelchairs must provide their own assistance for boarding and disembarking. Advise your travel agent or VIA Rail that you will be traveling in a wheelchair, as far in advance as possible.

With the exception of trains running between London and Sarnia, Ontario, all VIA trains are accessible to passengers in wheelchairs.

Passengers requiring medication during their trip must ensure that it is in their carry-on baggage.

Insulin or any other medication that must be kept refrigerated may be given to the on-board attendants provided that the train has a Skyline, Park or dining car.

Passengers requiring oxygen during their trip are asked to bring their own equipment.

Visually impaired passengers, guide animals

VIA personnel will provide visually impaired passengers with any information they require concerning the daily menus and other services. Passengers accompanied by guide animals (guide dogs,etc.) will be seated on the train to ensure their maximum comfort and that of other passengers. In sleeper cars, they can occupy a double bedroom for the price of an upper berth. The guide animal always travels free of charge.

Hearing- or speech-impaired passengers

Hearing- or speech-impaired passengers can connect a personal teleprinter or Bell's Visual Ear to VIA's computerized system and exchange messages with VIA's reservation or information service.

For more information, contact via e-mail. at 1-800-268-9503 (toll-free).

Speech-impaired passengers should bring written instructions to inform station and on-board personnel of their itineraries, connections and needs.

Advance notice

VIA offers a wide range of special services at stations and on board trains. Usually they need a minimum of 48 hours' notice is needed to prepare services.

If you require advance boarding, arrive at the station at least one hour prior to departure, and notify station staff that you have requested boarding assistance.

Having spent a wonderful 4 days in Edmonton( see below) we boarded d the train, used there “ golf cart to get down the tracks to the “ car”. Then a lift up onto the train.. They had a “washington wheelchair” on the train available for me at all times. Though I did you it once, I used my cane most of the time. I have to say the VIA check in staff were just great upbeat helpful and just nice folks.

, Alberta, is home of the giant West Edmonton Mall, an attraction in itself, plus the Aviation Hall of Fame, and Fort Edmonton Park. In July, is the Klondike Gold Rush Days festival. "The winter city that celebrates all winter long" offers ideal conditions for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

I had a short nap before we got to Jasper so that I could enjoy the mountains.

one of the most beautiful resorts in Canada, lies close to the Marmot Basin ski runs. Unique activities include the Canyon Crawl and a nine-day annual festival, "Jasper in January". The attractions of Alberta's jewel: the National Park (6,600 sq. km. / 4,100 sq. mi.), mountains, lakes, hot springs, glaciers, skiing, and so on. Banff and Lake Louise and close by.

The Train, is an experience beautiful in the day time, wonderful at sunset and great in the evening. The great escape !! with magnificent scenery going by.

When we arrived in Vancouver my electric scooter arrived safe and sound( always a concern). Which we picked up at the luggage carousel. By the way Vancouver is the most accessible city I have ever been in. The first thing you noticed is tons of Accessible cabs.. they run as normal cabs and accessible cabs.. no difference in price and they are everywhere..More about Vancouver in another article. Let end by saying.. Take the train through the mountains, must!! Just be prepared to enjoy yourself and escape to another world.

Contact Information:

VIA - 1.800.561.8640 Edmonton Visitors Info - 1.800.463.4667 Jasper Tourism - 1.780.852.3858 Tourism Vancouver - 1.604.683.2000 Hertz Car Rental - 1.800.263.0600

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