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SUNCOAST NEWS:  Sarasota ABC , Channel 7

                        Group wants better access to gulf for disabled
  Reported by: Michelle Rieg   

SARASOTA COUNTY - A Suncoast group wants to give the

physically disabled a better way to get on the beach.

Beaches for All is a non profit in Sarasota that wants to go a step

beyond handicap parking spaces Recently, Sarasota County

unveiled floating wheelchairs at five of its beaches, meant to

give the physically disabled a way to get into the water.


Jane Danielson says there's got to be something more and she's

got an idea. She's physically disabled and says the parking

spots and the ramps at Lido Beach are great, but the sand is as

far as she can go without anyone's help. "We want to be able to

get people to the beach, into the water," says Danielson.

The executive director of Beaches For All says beach

wheelchairs with the larger wheels can be cumbersome and

expensive, so she's hoping through her non-profit, 

she can raise enough money to build a complex on a Suncoast beach 


that provides a way for the physically disabled to get to the gulf on their own. 

"Whatever beach it's at, it will be the only one in the U.S., so it's going to be a feather in the cap of the community 

that we set this up in," says Danielson.



But she has a long way to go. 

The complex would have a pavilion, restrooms and outdoor 

accessible showers.

Also, a path to the water. A ramp that turns into a platform in the water.

She says for those who can't swim on their own, the ramp would help family members get the

aquatic wheelchairs to the water. "It's going to be easy for them to 

assist in any way just to thatwater," says Danielson.

Danielson says a complex will lessen the frustration for those 

who are physically disabled. Itcould allow them some independence, 

freedom and peace of mind. "The smell of here thesound it is mentally

 good for all of us whether you're disabled or not disabled, to go to the beach,

" says Danielson.

Copyright 2010 Southern Broadcast Corp of Sarasota 



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