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How to pack a Travelers First Aid Kit.

How to pack a Travelers First Aid Kit.

Smart travelers know that medical conditions need not stop their active lifestyles. Planning ahead-such as taking an extra set of eyeglasses or contact lenses-can make a big difference when you travel, no matter how far away your destination.

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A Travelers Medicine Kit should include:

1. Motion sickness medication-pills or suppositories 2. Painkillers (aspirin, acetaminophen's or ibuprofen) 3. Diarrhea treatment (e.g. Imodium A-D) 4. Constipation remedy (bran) 1/2 cup in plastic bag 5. Antihistamines: colds and allergies 6. Hydrocortisone cream : for bites, stings and small cuts 7. Band aids 8. Thermometer, tweezers, small scissors 9. Sunscreen, insect repellent 10 .Water purification tablets are a great idea.

Repellents With recent increased concern about Lyme disease, skin and clothing repellents are recommended for protection against ticks.

For Special Needs Travelers

1. Remember extras: extra cane, batteries, glasses, 2. Remember others: other medications, tube for wheelchair 3. Remember comfortable: comfortable shoes, clothes ,hats and sunglasses 4 .Remember Fun: Fun for others and Fun for you. 5. Remember your smiles

Remember: Keep medicines in original containers (to avoid questions at customs).Take copies of medicine prescriptions. Watch the water, when appropriate use the water purification tablets or buy bottled water.