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Jasper Jasper Jasper

JasperJasper. Jasper We drove from Edmonton to Jasper and it was a most pleasant trip, from the low hills just outside Edmonton, then those magnificent Rocky Mountains. If you havent seen the Rockies you just must. I find each time I see them there is a spiritual quality about them, it brings back a child like feeling of wonder and awe.

The magnificence of the Rockies defies description. They are always spectacular. The Rockies are a year round attraction, no matter what season you visit.

The town of Jasper is located in the middle of Jasper National Park in Alberta's Rocky Mountains, Jasper's friendliness, low-key atmosphere, makes it a warm place to visit.. Jasper is famous for its Fairmount Jasper Lodge and golf courses in the summer and of course all winter activities in that snowy season.

Since my visit was in the summer, there was no skiing, which was fine since I dont ski but there were still many things to see and do.. There are numerous hiking trails for the able body but there is a wonderful trail (paved) for wheelchair users around Lake Annette. You have to see the color the mountain Lakes to believe it, it is what I would call Aqua The wheelchair accessible Lee Foundation Trail was just wonderful with many benches along the way. I took my scooter and it was a smooth ride.

For the little more active in your group there are Hiking and guided horseback trail rides and bicycle rentals are available in the Jasper area

The town of Jasper is quite easy to get around and quaint, yes quaint with out being gaudy. Browse the shops on Connaught, stop by the Totem General Store - Milt Glassons eclectic emporium that sells everything for the outdoors as well as indoors, right down to the legendary Hudson Bay blanket! Then grab an Alberta steak at the Tonquin Prime Rib Village and Bar.

But my favorite thing to do in Jasper was ride the Tramway. The Tramway is a very busy spot so get there early to miss some of the bus tours. Over 5 million visitors have enjoyed the Tramway.

The Jasper Tramway takes you up Whistlers Mountain to an elevation of 2285 meters for dramatic vistas over mountain ranges stretching up to 50 miles away. Overlooking 6 ranges, incredible views include Mt Robson, highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, glacier lakes, Athabasca and Miette rivers and Jasper townsite. The trip up takes 7-8 minutes with narration coming and going. Make sure you ask your tram operator any questions on the way down they are a fountain of information. Interpretive exhibits tell about the alpine environment. Guides are available on a regular time schedule. On a clear day the white cap of Mt. Robson can be seen in nearby British Columbia.

The Jasper Tramway is Canada's longest and highest aerial tramway tour and the only one to offer a fully narrated and guided mountain lift tour in the Alberta Rockies. The tramway is an exciting mode of transportation that enables everyone to explore the spectacular sights and marvelous views of the surrounding area. Great times to go on the tramway is in the peaceful early evening, stay for dinner and enjoy the sunset.

Jasper Tramway experience is so uplifting; you'll feel like you're on top of the world!

Jasper is a must place to visit and linger - let go of all your hassles and take in the ambience of the mountains. Let yours self relax and recharge. Enjoy life Enjoy Jasper.



Jasper Information:

Jasper Tourism
P.O. Box 98
Jasper, Alberta, Canada
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Phone: (780) 852-3858 Fax: (780) 852-4932

Jane Danielson is has been disabled for 16 years. She uses cane, wheelchair and her scooter that she calls her Freedom Machine She has been widely published as a Travel Writer for the Disabled,
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