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Sun N Fun- RV Park

Sarasota, Florida

Destination Fun- An Accessible RV Park
Sun N Fun RV Park-

How do I tell you about this wonderful world of Sun N Fun ? The west coast of Florida location of Sun N Fun puts you close to miles of palm fringed white sandy beaches and the sparkling Gulf of Mexico.
When I heard Sun N Fun Sarasota, had 1800 sites, I said ‘wow’, much too big and impersonal for me- I like a camp ground around 250 sites will tolerate one at 400 sites but 1800 sites- no way. Well was I totally mistaken,it is one of the friendliest Rv ResortsI have ever been to.

Rather than just telling you let me show you what my day was like, the other day.

Having limited mobility, I use an electric 3-wheel scooter and cane ,I can only walk a short distance so accessibility is very important to me. Sun N Fun is just wonderful, easy to get around, accessible and a place I felt right at home.

The other morning I stepped out of my RV around 7 am, the sun was up, the sky was blue and it was already warm. Florida at its best. I decided to have coffee and read the paper, so got on my electric scooter and tooted past the work out room which was full with those very dedicated folks who must exercise in the morning, towards the laundry to buy a paper. The laundry was buzzing with folks getting their clothes done before the day begins. I picked up a USA today (always like seeing the weather map) It gives me some type of sneaky pleasure to see a snowstorm in the northeast. Tucked my paper in my basket and headed back to the RV,looked over and saw that the lawn bowling greens were being rolled down for today’s play, passed the post office which opens at 9 am, then the Video rental trailer which doesn’t open until 1 pm.

Before turning back toward the RV, I saw the guys and gals were sweeping down the 18-shuffleboard courts for start at 8:30 (every morning).

Started to read the news of the day and of course that was after many “good mornings” by people passing my site on their morning walks. No luck- Cody (my Westie) has awakened and needs his morning run. So on my electric scooter and head for the lake and towards the east end of the park, I remind myself to look at the schedule on the Resort TV channel to see when the miniature sailing races are on the lake..

As I approach the east end having said “good morning” to at least a dozen folks, I see the 3 volley ball nets are up, they are raking the courts and are ready to start at 9 am. Walking past that I see folks are already playing doubles on the tennis courts. We start heading home and I notice the Pavilion and wonder what card games will be playing there tonight, the other night nearly every seat was taken. Think they were playing, poker, bridge and Euchre and I am sure a few games I don’t know.

Now back to my coffee (re warmed in the microwave) and paper. Then out pops Karen our next-door neighbor from Ohio wishes me the warmest “good morning” and asks if I want to go to the beach with them today, - it is only a 15 minutes drive away. I decline but say maybe another day this week- she says ”your on”. Well reading the paper seems like a wash as Carol stops on her bike just to say hi on her way to the Glass Shop. Yes, they do stained glass here at Sun N Fun. I realize I am going to be late for the morning coffee/ meeting. As I am leaving my friend Linda, suggest we go Restaurant for dinner tonight as they are having roast beef, suits me. I have dived into the excellent buffet several times and have enjoyed it each time.
So once again, I get on my electric scooter heading for the west end of the park. It is now close to 8 am and the place is becoming busier, with many golf carts, two wheel electric scooters, and cars buzzing around. It will take me about 10 minutes to scoot up to Woodland hall (Rec Center).

As I pass the Computer center I remind myself that I need to print a couple of things off and also must go later to the business center and plug in my laptop and go on High speed hook up and get my email. It is great to have high speed and it is free too. As I head for the morning meeting I pass by the pool complex and am trying to decide if I will go to Water Exercise at 9:30 or just a swim in the heated pool and then a whirl pool at noon hour (oh the hard decisions).
I pass by the wood shop, which is large with lots of tools.
I put my Scooter on rabbit and head for coffee/meeting. Get there and the place is full of activity and once again so many “good mornings” “beautiful day”
The coffee meeting lets everyone know what is happening today and special events coming up, this is what I heard, Bingo Tuesday and Thursday Nights, Karaoke Tuesday and Friday at Poolside Bar.
There is a BQ dinner coming up On Wednesday night- tickets on sale for that. There is going to be a blood pressure clinic next Tuesday and Next Saturday there is going to be a swimsuit sale around the pool. Church service on Sunday morning and entertainment around the pool on Sunday afternoon. They remind us all about several potluck suppers in the next couple of weeks.
Several of the volunteers stand up and let us know about their activity, square dancing at Woodlawn Hall, The Red Hat Society is off to lunch next week, The On site yard sale is coming up.
The golf folks tell us about the several time and courses they go out to each week,
Then with lots of laughter and good coffee we head out into that warm sunshine, I stop and chat with Anne and Russell for a few minutes, notice that Billiards has started for women, and next door to that is the hairdresser and the chairs are filled already.

As I scoot back to get my bathing suit and go to the pool, I pass by a couple of the lakes and stop and watch the egrets. My little scooter (a GO GO by Pride) goes great but those Golf carts do get around really well. When I come back next year might rent one, hear you can rent them for about $160.00 per month- that seems reasonable to me!

As I head for the center of the Park, I hear the clang of the horseshoes look over and see the miniature golf have a few folks playing and right beside it is Bocci ball and I think they play that in the afternoon.
Bikes and Scooters (2 wheels) are parked at the pool so must hurry and get my suit on, As I come close to my RV I see that the lawn bowling greens are totally full- looks like everyone is wearing whites and laughing and smiling.

The Huge Warm Pool

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One of the great RV Sites

Park Models For Sale or Rent

Beach at Sarasota- Sunset

Now home and off for a swim, then check on email, out for supper and then maybe Bingo- or maybe I will go get that book I was readying and just sit and read, you see Sun N Fun has over 150 activities a week and you can do some or none of them, your choice.

I love this place because it has so much to do, if I want I can do as little, or as much as I like. I love hearing the laughter of the Petangue group at 4:30- Petangue is like Bocci ball, but the balls are smaller and metal. I love hearing the music of the Karaoke, and I love hearing the singing of the birds. I never tire of saying good morning or good day to people and chatting with new friends,

Yes, I know Sun N Fun has won awards for Best camp grounds- and so they should. But that doesn’t make this place special, I know Sun N Fun has 1800 sites, about 800 RV sites and the rest Park models, mostly owned but some for rent.

I know the surroundings are great with many wooded areas, great walking areas, and many flowers.

I know the width and breath of activities are like no other RV park I ever have been too.

I know the food is great in the restaurant and the music wonderful in the bar, the Olympic size pool is heated, the laundry has good machines, and the bathhouses are clean.

I know for me who has limited mobility it is VERY easy to get around, great ramps, good showers etc.
Also if you want to come to Sun N Fun and don’t have a RV to use they have an accessible Park Model trailer, which I personally inspected and is very good.

That’s not what makes Sun N Fun so special, it’s the people, all the people from the gatehouse to the sales staff, from the waitresses in the restaurant to the activities staff, from the front desk staff to the maintenance folks- and of course ALL the volunteers that run ALL the activities.

Sun N Fun is a community. From all corners of the country and Canada too we come to Sun N Fun and make it home, make it a thriving happy community, make it a fun place to live

Now if you must leave Sun N Fun. You will find everything from malls, to Wal-Mart to St Armans Circle- one of the most prestigious shopping areas in Florida. Of course, there are movie theatres, restaurants galore, and attractions from deep-sea fishing, to scenic boat tours.

Take at look at Sun N Fun’s web site

Call 1-800- 843-2421 for RV site reservations or if you want to rent a park model

7125 Fruitvale road, Sarasota. Florida

Special thanks goes to Lynn Miller- a wonderful enthusiastic and busy gal at Sun N Fun who gave me lots of time and wonderful input.

Well think I have given you the flavor of Sun N Fun, come on down try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed- and “Good Day to you” “ Good morning to you”

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