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True Sleeper
Mattress Topper
I have found a real help in sleeping, The True Sleeper. Being disabled myself, sleeping can be a real problem, not only sleeping itself but pain as well.
The True sleeper lets me sleep.

Ii instantly transforms any bed into a rejuvenating sleep system… giving you the comfort and support you need to get a good sleep.

True Sleeper is a revolutionary Mattress Topper made of
advanced Visco-elastic foam that was originally developed for NASA!

If you toss and turn all night and never wake up feeling refreshed then consider the True Sleeper by Thane.

True Sleeper’s visco-elastic foam was originally developed for NASA to cushion astronauts from excessive g-forces during lift off.

The same material is used in hospitals, nursing homes, burn units, and sleep clinics to make patients more comfortable and help eliminate sleep discomfort.

The True Sleeper transforms any bed...

* Futons
* Guest beds
* Kids beds
* Rollaway beds
* RV beds
* Pull out beds

Into comfortable enjoyable places to sleep.This visco-elastic foam conforms to every curve and angle, and cradles your body


Happy moon


in wonderful comfort… reducing those pressure points and helping to naturally align your spine.

True sleeper is like a custom made bed that fits you perfectly – without having to replace your existing bed!

The True Sleeper Topper comes in any mattress size….
Moreover, fits right on your existing mattress and you use your same sheets!
The True Sleeper automatically adjusts to you, allowing you to reach your natural sleep position!

Set Includes:

* True Sleeper mattress topper (available for all size beds)
* Luxurious quilted mattress pad
* In addition, you will get the True Sleeper, Tips for Better Sleep Brochure.

You will not have to replace your own bed just put a True sleeper on top of the mattress and you are on your way to a wonderful sleep.

Twin from 179.99 to king size 509.50

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I love my True sleeper as I am sure you will too.
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