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Teknion New Amicus Seating

This is the chair for you!!

If you are like me chairs are a problem. I use my wheelchair or scooter outside of the house but around home I'm mobile. Being on the computer a great deal I wanted something that would give me support and comfort. I seem always to find a chair that had good support but not comfort.. well
the Teknion New Amicus Seating, is the answer.
All the adjustments you what, all the support but real comfort as well.
This chair is not only for you but your partners office and even consider the kids study area.
This chair also allows for easy movement ( though I do use plastic under the chair at my computer)

All ergonomic chairs seem to look very similar but they really aren't all the same.. so when you are buying that chair look for the Teknion Amicus chair/

The Amicus is the optimal seating solution. Designed for the office environment you ill recommend this chair to all businesses that need function and flexibility in a chair as well a comfort.

I give the Teknion Amicus seating system my


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