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Make sure your PURIFIER has Tritek technology that
Viruses - Bacteria and Protozoa ÷
Making your drinking water safe from ALL microorganisms
AND ONLY PUR water purifiers have it !!!!
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Peace of mind. Convenience. Effectiveness
you'll get clean water at a much lower cost per gallon than with bottled. PUR
systems reduce lead, sediment and certain harmful contaminants, as well as chlorine, which has been known to affect taste and odor.

PUR filters are available as pitcher/dispensers, faucet mounts or countertop/undersink units.
All of the systems have our exclusive Automatic Safety
Monitorô Gauge, which tells you when your filter needs replacing.

The Better Way to Healthier, Great Tasting Water.ô
Safe: Removes microorganisms like giardia and
cryptosporidium as well as other harmful contaminants.

Automatic Safety Monitorô Gauge automatically tells you when to change the filter.Convenient: Each filter provides 100 gallons
(about 2-3 months) of quality water.

Pur. is a must , if you have nay problems with your hands, stiffness, arthritis or whatever. The facet mount id ideal and really is the way to go, most economical and so easy to use. I personally have a faucet model for years but recently switched to Pur,, wow! what a difference. It is one of those products you canít believe you lived without. So easy to use... Also a real plus is the gauge that shows you when you need a new filter.. so smart! This is a product that can be bought in Walmart or similar stores. Their web page is www. put.com
If you need, want or enjoy a water filter Get a Pur- you wonít be disappointed rather youíll be very pleased!!!Check out their web site www.purwater.com.

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