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Dream Away in The Dream Sack

Do you dream of sleeping surrounded by silk? Are you too warm when you sleep? to cold? Going camping and want something to keep you warm but cant stand those heavy covers, well I have found the answer, the Dream Sack Lightweight and easy to pack in a drawstring bag. You will sleep comfortably in this silk sleep sack whether it is hot or cold outside..."

This product makes you feel you are in the lap of luxury. If you are a friend or family member is bothered for whatever reason with blankets (too heavy etc.) then the dreamasack is a great alternative. Besides feeling great against the skin, the bags are just right for hot nights, for lining a sleeping bag, or for just maintaining your personal comfort level.

When traveling, sleep comfy and cozy in a silk sleep sack.
I personally have used it camping as well as at home when I just wanted to feel a little special (and dont we all want to feel that way, sometimes?)

This company also sells silk bedding; silk sheets, silk comforters, and silk duvet covers.

Slip in from the side. Kick your leg out during the night. A 39" opening down one side with 5 tabs to close. 34" wide.
Easy care: hand or machine wash, cool water, gentle cycle, and mild soap. Hang to dry. They air dry quickly. 6 ounces. 7' 9" long including a pocket for a pillow.


Dream On


This is not a cheap item but it is silk so splurge a little and make yourself feel special

Contact info:

Call toll free:
1 (800) 670-7661 (USA only)
1 (541) 482-0601

PRICE: $62.00