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It may sound mystical. It may sound foreign. It may sound cosmic. It may sound ancient. And the truth is that the Q-Ray Ionized Bracelet is all of these things plus electrical, healthful, and natural. I didnt believe it would work until I tried it !!

Yea, right!! well guess what I tried this and it worked, especially the first day. Then I took it off for several days and tried it again and guess what it worked again. Though when I am having a major flare-up it doesnt seem to work. as well. But that could be my whole system is affected, so of course nothing seems to work,

Extremely popular among athletes, the Q-Ray Ionized Bracelet is based on the same principles that guide the practice of acupuncture, Acupuncture originated over 3.000 years ago and relies on the belief that the body's health and a person's well-being in general are determined by a balanced flow of Chi. Chi cannot flow if the ions in your body's electromagnetic field are out of balance. Acupuncture theory promotes the idea that energy, Chi, circulates in the body along twelve major pathways that are each linked to specific organs and electrical systems within the body. Specific acupuncture points affect these different pathways and the electrical currents of the body. Positive and negative ions generate the electricity found in your body.

The Q-Ray Ionized Bracelet allows you to balance these ions and like acupuncture restore the balance and flow of vital natural energy in your body. These unique performance bracelets come in small, medium, and large sizes so that you can have the perfect fit and the best health.

The Q-Ray Ionized Bracelet helps to balance your life. Balance is the key. Balance is what the Q-Ray Ionized Bracelet seeks to establish in your body so that physically, mentally, and emotionally you are the best person you can be.

This product is something you should try, it wont work for everyone but